January 29, 2021 Headai

Adopting AI-enhanced chat for personalising student services in higher education

Headai technology featured in a research article on eSignals Research

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This peer-reviewed article on eSignals Research reveals the findings from the experiments of the research group in integrating external datasets with machine learning-based chat conversations. Since the adoption of AI in higher education is still starting, there is a limited amount of scientific research on the subject, and it’s vital to publish new findings to a big audience. With Headai NLP solutions, Front.ai platform was also harnessed to serve the study project.

Read the whole eSignals Research article Adopting AI-enhanced chat for personalising student services in higher education.


About eSignals Research

eSignals Research is a scientific peer-reviewed online publication by Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. It publishes articles from Haaga-Helia’s research areas, which are experiential service innovations, entrepreneurship and business development, transformative pedagogy, value through sales, and digitalisation. eSignals Research presents scientific research conducted by experts in a university of applied sciences and the possibilities of applied scientific research.

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