Discover our AI-features by testing some of the existing implementations that are using our computing infrastructure.

Text To Keywords Reference Tool

Quick way to test our AI – take any text entity and copy-paste it to get the keywords from it. Discover also meaningful words related to the main word.


Futureproof yourself – Find learning paths toward your dream job! Futureproof offers you an easy way to visualize your current skill set and helps you to reflect it to the skills required in your dream jobs. The application offers also recommendations for updating your skills. Download it for Android and iOS.


Awarded as Finland’s best digital learning tool in 2020 by The Association of Finnish eLearning Centre. Duunikoutsi uses Headai’s artificial intelligence for youth career coaching. It was developed by the Economic information office Economy and Youth TAT. Download it forAndroid and iOS.

Fast Degree

Fast Degree introduces the concept of Headai Fast Learning where testing comes first and you’ll only study the topics you don’t already know. The app demonstrates Headai’s learning analytics capabilities. It helps in expanding your knowledge with AI-collected material – e.g. videos, books, wiki, news. You will be verificating your knowledge that will be added to your Headai Skill Diploma. Download it for Android and iOS.

Obotti – Virtual information assistants for Helsinki Central Library Oodi

Six distinctive, AI-based recommenders provide visitors with interesting reading suggestions based on their own areas of interest. They are ready to serve you at the Helsinki Central Library Oodi. Download for Android and iOS.

Document to Mindmap

Parse a document and visualize the keywords and their relations. Automatically build a mindmap of the concepts found from your document.

Predictive Skills Forecast in Eurajoki

Eurajoki library in Finland used Headai’s API components like TextToDemand to build dynamic analytics that connects the local skill needs to open jobs, education, courses, and even to the library content. See the trends in skill demand, find corresponding books to fill the possible skill gaps, or discover suitable courses for continuous learning.


Microcompetencies is a Headai enabled service that demonstrates our technology to build diverse and broad skill reports based on public data. It models the supply & demand for skills into skills maps. It is built on the victory of all-time biggest innovation competition in Finland, R100. It demonstrates our value-adding API calls like TextToSkills and SkillsToJobs.