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Headai’s vision is to be the largest Cognitive Text Analytics Platform in the world by 2029.

Headai is a Finnish technology company providing responsible AI for futureproofing companies. We enable making data meaningful to support analytics-driven decision-making. We automatize connecting non-structured and multilingual data flows from companies, education providers, and individuals to enable predictive simulations across skill-related data platforms.

The core technology is based on Cognitive Text Analytics which enables global interoperability for textual data infrastructures and making the qualitative factors of production visible.

We enable turning internal and open data into action for continuous growth and taking an analytics-driven approach for leading talent and human capital. Everything is 100% Headai IP, based on over 20 years of experience in the cognitive and computational sciences. Our current customers are corporates & private companies, governments & ministries, investment funds, global organizations, universities, and educational institutes.




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The Story of Headai

The story of Headai started in 2015, but the base technology dates back to 2005.

  • 2015 Founded
  • 2016 Seed funding, team expansion
  • 2017 Headai wins 1M Solution100 Challenge
  • 2019 Headai has 50 customers
  • 2020 AI for the best Finnish e-learning app
  • 2022 Enabling the Foresight Solution 2022

Our Scalability builds on years of data-driven operations

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The Founders of Headai

Headai was founded in 2015 in Pori, Finland.


Harri Ketamo

Founder / Chairman

Harri (Ph.D.) is an entrepreneur with 20 years experience in learning sciences and artificial intelligence as a science and as a business. Eisenhower fellow 2017, Adjunct Professor at Tampere University of Technology and Senior Fellow at University of Turku.

+358 50 528 5006


Marko Laiho

Founder / COO

Marko is an experienced technology executive with proven skills and track record of turning Innovations, Ideas and Teams into global success.

+358 40 5678 300


Antti Koivisto

Founder / Head of Software Development

Antti (D.Sc. candidate) has 10+ years of experience in software development. Responsibilities in R&D, data science, and system architectures. Scientific background in the games industry and health technology. On the soccer field, he is a heavy scorer.

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