Meet the Headai team

Headai team is built with creative people who connect together business intelligence and throughout understanding of AI. We enjoy our work and keep up a good team spirit.


Harri Ketamo

Founder / Chairman

Harri (Ph.D.) is an entrepreneur with 20 years experience in learning sciences and artificial intelligence as a science and as a business. Eisenhower fellow 2017, Adjunct Professor at Tampere University of Technology and Senior Fellow at University of Turku.

+358 50 528 5006


Anu Passi-Rauste

CBO / Partner

Anu (M.Sc.) has 20 years’ experience in edtech business and learning solutions. She is responsible for building the market intelligence, business growth, customer success and scaling sales. Eisenhower fellow 2014.

+358 40 5081 130


Marko Laiho

Founder / COO

Marko is an experienced technology executive with proven skills and track record of turning Innovations, Ideas and Teams into global success.

+358 40 5678 300


Antti Koivisto

Founder, CTO

Antti (D.Sc. candidate) has 10+ years of experience in software development. Responsibilities in R&D, data science, and system architectures. Scientific background in the games industry and health technology. On the soccer field, he is a heavy scorer.


Andrés Felipe Zapata Palacio

Data Scientist

Andrés is a talented data scientist with responsible areas in software development and data mining.


Essi Helander

Linguistics Scientist

Essi is a Linguistics Scientist with responsibilities in semantics & linguistics.


Hussain Ahmed

Software Developer

Hussain (PhD candidate) is an experienced software developer with responsible areas in documentation, testing, and customer success management.


Neslihan Dincel

Data Scientist

Neslihan is a Data Scientist with responsibilities in data analytics and visualization.


Jessica Nielsen

Environmental Scientist

Jessica is an Environmental Scientist with responsibilities in sustainability data models.


Nina Ketamo

AI Trainer

Nina is an AI Trainer with responsibilities in data fine-tuning.


Suvi Lehtonen

Client Success Manager

Suvi is a Client Success Manager with responsibilities in project management.



Cimmo Nurmi

Scientific Advisor

Holds a World record in mathematical optimization. Currently working as Vice President at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences.


Jari Vuori

Scientific Advisor

Currently working as a Visiting Professor at Arizona State University. Expert in healthcare administration.


Peter Vesterbacka

Board Member / Partner

Founder of Slush. Former Mighty Eagle.

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