December 19, 2019 Headai

Business Finland’s AI Score — powered by Headai

Headai brings a digital twin approach to empower Business Finland’s Dealfow platform. The target is set towards AI-powered economic growth.

Business Finland and Headai presented the AI Score during Slush 2019, in November. It is a brand new AI feature to be implemented into Business Finland — a platform offering global investors a continuous stream of attractive investment targets from Finland.

From the developer’s point of view, the quality of the data was one of the key issues when creating AI Score. The Lead Software Developer of Headai, Antti Koivisto, comments on the subject as follows:

It took some time to analyze and interpret the data that was read from the Business Finland database. We wanted to find the best enrichment methods to be used to gather available open resources to strengthen the original data. In addition to a Headai-built investor ontology, we create digital twins of every entity — companies, investors and users.
Antti Koivisto, Lead Software Developer, Headai

How AI Score works

The following set of pictures will explain how the AI Score is being calculated. The main entities in the puzzle are the digital twins of 1) whole investment language, 2) investors, 3) companies, and 4) users. The entities are marked with different colors in the diagrams.

The slides were done by Headai & Business Finland.

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The big picture. AI Score is a weighted match between text-based digital twins of an investor, company, and user.
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Headai keeps a text-based digital twin of the whole investment markets up-to-date. A variety of sources is being used, e.g. DBs, news, job ads, and National Business Information System.Image for post
Each company is presented as a digital twin — a detailed semantic network.Image for post

A digital twin is calculated also for each investor.
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Comparing digital twins of a company and an investor gives the first AI score.

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User’s actions (feedback) determine whether the AI Score is raised or lowered.

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The final AI Score is formed by combining all three digital twins.

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Big Data & Digital Twin approach on the investment market

AI Score represents a digital twin approach in the investment market. The data, collected from multiple sources, is refined by AI algorithms and brought to investors to give valuable insights. This will help their data-driven decision making. The ultimate target is to enable AI-powered economic growth.

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