January 7, 2022 Headai

Company Digital Twin Approach To Investment Markets

Headai's digital twins bring Business Finland a new way to profile companies and match them with global investors. The ultimate aim is set towards AI-powered economic growth.

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”We have took a huge jump in utilization of AI for the benefit of our customers with HeadAI. It has been an exciting ride as we decided to create digital twins of Finnish companies. We have piloted this capability with our Dealflow.fi service, where we could hundredfold the available company portfolio for international investors, and more will follow, as we scale up this technology for our other services.”
–Tuomo Suortti / Product Owner of Business Finland Connection AI

Headai brought a digital twin approach to the investment market, as we built AI features for Business Finland’s Dealflow platform. The data, collected from multiple sources, is refined by AI algorithms and brought to investors to give valuable insights on potential companies. In addition to standard ways to match companies and investors, we enabled Dealflow’s AI Score feature which gives a powerful data-driven perspective to connect all the stakeholders. The aim is to open interesting and detailed views for global investors to scout potential Finnish companies to invest in. Considering the scalability of solution, the ultimate goal is to enable AI-powered economic growth.

Read our earlier blog post about AI Score to find more information about the calculation and data behind the company digital twins.

AI score in dealflow
If the AI Score feature is selected, Dealflow sorts the companies based on AI-calculated matches. AI-matching uses textual data from various sources like business databases, national business information systems, and job ads.

Headai has come a long way to reach the state where it’s possible to create comparable language-based digital twins of different entities like textual descriptions of labor, industries, companies, or persons’ individual skill sets. Over several years of development work, we have improved our ontologies and the core algorithms that create and visualize digital twins. After many years of dialogue with tens of customers have created an understanding of the possibilities and the challenges of data and language.

“The newest generation of company digital twin enables us to profile companies and connect them in different contexts depending if they are recognizable there with their business focus, IP portfolio, R&D activity or their recruitments. This capability gives us a global advantage to be innovative with our own service development at Business Finland. We are looking forward to continue our collaboration with HeadAI.”
–Tuomo Suortti / Product Owner of Business Finland Connection AI


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