May 14, 2020 Headai

Future-proofing Skills with Open Data and Semantic AI

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Headai solves the global labor market mismatch problem by providing AI-enabled insight into the skills demand in local, country, industry, or global level, and preparing demand-driven talent and skills development interventions at scale.

Our cognitive artificial intelligence learns semantic structures from millions of sentences of natural language and makes human-like linguistic reasoning to provide value for anything from governments to gig economy but most importantly for individuals — ensuring they are employable now and in the future.

Our customer cases demonstrate how we automate intellectual tasks — from routines of the data collection to predictive skill analytics that has not been possible before.

With a Headai license, you get access to our API and can start using the AI services which can be connected directly to your system, or they can be used through the user interfaces provided by Headai.

We published “Future-proofing Skills with Open Data and Semantic AI” whitepaper to answer frequently asked questions, and to showcase a few client cases or solutions created with our AI.

Download our whitepaper that answers these questions and more

1. Workforce change and information overload:

  • Why utilizing data, lightning-fast responsiveness, enabling transformation, and continuous learning are key factors?
  • What is natural language and what challenges does it have?

2. Textual digital twins:

  • What are textual digital twins?
  • How does a dynamic language model describe the word relations and their strengths in a specific context?
  • How does cognitive artificial intelligence learn semantic structures from natural language and its millions of sentences to make human-like decisions?
  • How can organizations benefit from using digital twins?

3. Examples — Headai’s customer cases:

  • World Bank — labor market analysis and curriculum gap assessment in Kenya based on data of open jobs over a four-year period.
  • Metropolitan Universities of Applied Sciences — optimized 10749 educational courses based on 10,000 skills found from the labor market.
  • TAT — Duunikoutsi mobile app for youth entering the labor market to identify and develop their skills.

4. The benefits of our technology:

  • on national/global level
  • for companies and service providers
  • For training and educational organizations

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Want it in Finnish? Here is the Finnish version of the whitepaper.

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