September 2, 2022 Headai

Futureproof finds learning paths toward your dream job

Headai-built mobile app into pilot phase in cooperation with Technology Industries of Finland and three Finnish trade unions.

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Futureproof is an application which offers an easy way to visualize individual’s current skill set and helps to reflect it to the skills required in his/her dream jobs. It also gives recommendations for updating skills. The mobile app uses open labor market data and Headai’s cognitive artificial intelligence to identify and link skills. It is a matching solution in which skills data helps individuals to identify and develop their own competence in relation to job opportunities in the technology sector. The app will be in pilot phase this autumn.

Futureproof gives the user a simple workflow that can be divided into four steps:

  1. Build dream profile
  2. Build current profile
  3. Discover your skills gap
  4. Get course suggestions for optimal learning paths

Finally, the application will suggest training courses from which the individual can gain the needed skills.


Strong cooperation in utilizing AI and skills data in the technology sector

The Futureproof mobile application is made by Headai and its piloting will start in this fall in cooperation with the members of Technology Industries of Finland, Union of Professional Engineers, Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK, and The Finnish Business School Graduates. Futureproof continues the cooperation between Headai and the Technology Industries of Finland in order to identify the skills needs of the technology sector, and to utilize the open skills data. Below, you can read more about the previous activities.

  • Skillspulse is a website maintained by Technology Industries of Finland that provides the latest information on the skills needs of companies in the technology industry. Headai’s Cognitive AI was used to build the understanding about the skills demand.
  • Skills Data Playbook  collects the insights of 4 concrete cases dealing with the question: How can skills data help solve challenges
    related to skills and competences? Headai has been the technology partner providing AI-powered analytics in all of the cases.

Headai-powered Skills Pulse was rewarded as the Foresight Solution 2022 in Finland. Read more in our news article.

EDIT: the news was edited 14 Sep, the links to mobile stores added.

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