December 21, 2021 Headai

Happy Holidays And Peaceful New Year!

Thank you for the year 2021!

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Wrapping Up Year 2021

As we close out 2021, we really wanted to express our sincere appreciation to our clients and partners for inspiring collaboration. Despite working more and more remotely, we have succeeded in building many new customer relationships. Our current customers use our tools to strengthen data-driven decision-making in e.g. labor markets, investment markets, and educational planning. By utilizing the new possibilities of data, they can predict future trends and align their development towards strategic goals.

This year, we have put a lot of effort into building metering for SDG goals. By taking textual open data into action and building this kind of brand new KPIs, we enable our customers to futureproof their decision-making, and to take important steps towards a sustainable future.

We want to thank all of you who have shared this year with us! Let’s continue our journey together next year.

Below you can read some of our this year’s highlights.

Image: Pasi Tuominen

The Crystal Ball Is One Of The Attractions At Dubai Expo 2020

Haaga-Helia’s Crystal Ball has gained a tremendous amount of attention at the Finland Pavilion of Dubai Expo 2020, which eventually took place this year. The Crystal Ball utilizes Headai’s Cognitive Text Analytics and the technology by Stereoscape and Realfiction. The solution connects the skills from individuals, companies, education, and labor markets and represents the whole in a spectacular user interface. If you like to have a digital experience around Finland Pavilion, you can take a virtual tour.

Crystal ball ui

Image: Pasi Tuominen


Skills Pulse - Powered by Headai


Skills Pulse Reveals The Future Skills Needs For Technology Industries Of Finland

Skills Pulse was published on 21 Sep 2021 by Technology Industries of Finland. It is an open service for anyone to learn, explore and forecast future skills needs in the tech sector. Skills Pulse was done by utilizing a massive amount of open data and using Headai’s intelligent text analytics tools.

The service (in Finnish) is found on Also, the result presentation in English can be found in the materials section.


EEX Journey was a year of developing business and processes

Earlier this year, we told about Headai entering a one-year-long EEX Journey development program, where an external advisory board built from leaders of global companies would bring strategic out-of-the-box thinking to boost Headai’s growth efforts. Headai took the chance to get valuable feedback for our business development.

Now the year is done and we are grateful to our professional advisory board Maija Pursiainen from Kone, Teemu Lang from Nebula, Ville Pesonen from Gasum, and Peter Lindgren from ABB. Thank you for all the good sessions and great discussions. We also want to thank EEX staff for collaboration and recommend the journey for other scale-ups!

Headain tiimi toivottaa rauhallista ja rentouttavaa joulunaikaa!
Relaxing and Happy Holidays from everyone at Headai team!

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