May 17, 2020 Headai

Headai Digital Twin on My Skills

Towards strengthening digital human rights with MyData Global

Headai Digital Twin on My Skills can now be found on MyData Global. The purpose of MyData Global is to empower individuals by improving their right to self-determination regarding their personal data. Headai appreciates the chance to be showcased among other great solutions.

What’s Headai Digital Twin on My Skills?

It’s a machine-developed skills profile, a digital twin of an individual. It can empower individuals but also provide insight for the labor market and education providers. Individuals need a safe model to identify, define and describe their level of competence and skill sets, but also make them visible in the labour market.

Headai Digital Twin on My Skills empowers:

  • Individuals looking for a job, upskilling or career guidance
  • Education Providers
  • Companies
  • HR looking for strategic expertise on a specific topic
  • Recruitment platforms
  • Governments

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