October 4, 2021 Headai

Headai-enabled Skills Pulse reveals the future skills needs for Technology Industries of Finland

AI-powered skills mapping shows that technology industries, Finland's largest export sector, needs 130,000 new experts within 10 years, 13,300 annually.

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Experts needed in next 10 years


of the expert need in ICT and technology


of the companies willing to seek foreign talents in next 4 years

Source: Skills Pulse press release material.

Skills Pulse was published on 21 Sep 2021 by Technology Industries of Finland. It is a Headai-powered service to forecast the skills needs in the tech sector. The service (in Finnish) is found on https://osaamispulssi.fi/. With the AI tools from headai, Technology Industries of Finland were able to analyze information on skills demand and trends in the different industry sub-sectors, based on public data sources. They wrapped up the main results in a press release (in Finnish) that was released two days ago. View the press release slides that wrap the biggest findings were wrapped in numbers that reflect the future needs.

If you are interested in the development of the service, read the earlier article about Skills Pulse from the spring.

“The cooperation with Headai opens up interesting opportunities on data. It enables a broad analysis on skills demand, but also to go deeper to the level of individual concepts.”
–Touko Apajalahti, Advisor, Higher Education Policy, Growth and Skills, Technology Industries of Finland

What Data is in Action?

  • Job ads  categorized into five sub-sectors of Finnish Technology Industry. Data sources: Employment and Economic Development Office and Duunitori. Overall 2M job adds starting from 2018.
  • Theseus – The common database of the Finnish UAS (Universities of Applied Sciences). Can help to predict future R&D trends.
  • Directory of Open access research articles – helps to reveal the possible technologies that are rising next. Overall 6,5M articles on different fields of science.


Visualized skill maps

Skill Pulse presents several skills maps that were produced with Headai tools. They can be found on osaamispulssi.fi. The maps present the skill needs in different sectors. Here are two examples – click on the picture to view the full-size version on Skills Pulse website.

The development started early this year as Technology Industries of Finland’s expert Antti Poikola, Headai’s founder Harri Ketamo, Head of Business Development Anu Passi-Rauste, and Technology Industries of Finland’s Director Leena Pöntynen sat down to plan the data flows and AI operations of the Skills Pulse with Headai’s Data to Action cards.

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Harri Ketamo from Headai sharing his insights on the data analysis in Skills Pulse webinar for over 60 professionals.

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