May 20, 2022 Headai

Headai-powered Skills Pulse rewarded as the Foresight Solution 2022

Skills Pulse, made by Technology Industries of Finland, was today rewarded at the Seminar of Finnish regional foresight in Kajaani’s Kouta Hall. Headai’s AI was used in Skills Pulse to mine and connect big open datasets to build signals of the future skill need.

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Headai congratulates Technology Industries of Finland for the reward that clearly shows that the efforts in building data-driven understanding of the skill needs in the tech sector are recognized. Headai and Technology Industries of Finland have had a long-term cooperation in the field of anticipating future skill needs. This cooperation can be studied in the articles Headai-enabled Skills Pulse reveals ht efuture skills needs for Technology Industries of Finland and  Skills Pulse – Technology Industry skills forecasts based on AI-minde public data.

“The interpretation of skills data with the help of artificial intelligence played a key role in building a more comprehensive and up-to-date picture of the competence needs of technology companies,” says Leena Pöntynen, Director, Skills and Competence at Technology Industry.

Read more from the Technology Industries of Finland’s news article.

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What is Skills Pulse?

Skills Pulse is a website maintained by Technology Industries of Finland to provide the latest information on the competence needs of companies in the technology industry You can visit the Finnish Skills Pulse (Osaamispulssi) site. There is also an English slide deck summary that can be downloaded.

The front page contains information on the competence needs for the entire industry, and the sub-sector sub-pages provide information on the competence needs of the main clusters in the technology industry. The Competence section describes in more detail what kind of competencies the different sectors contain and how important these competencies are for companies to their future business.

Information on competence needs is compiled from surveys conducted by the Technology Industry to its member companies, crowdsourcing  and stakeholder discussions, as well as from the analysis of big open data done with Headai algorithms.

The development of Skills Pulse was started in the spring of 2020, when the Technology Industries of Finland set out to build a new study on the expert needs of technology industry companies. They decided to harness Headai technology to help anticipate the needs for skills and competencies. Now the results are here for everyone to see and the solution has gained its first reward.

Technology industries is the largest export sector in Finland

  • 50% of total Finnish exports
  • 6 billion euros annual investments in Finland
  • 70% of total private-sector R&D investments
  • 317 000 employed directly, indirectly over 670 000
  • Technology Industries of Finland has 1 600 member companies

Source: Technology Industries of Finland

Read our blog about the AI-powered skills mapping that enabled Skills Pulse (Osaamispulssi). It shows that technology industries, Finland’s largest export sector, needs 130,000 new experts within 10 years, 13,300 annually.

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