June 12, 2018 Headai

Headai victorious in AI Goes to Work AI Challenge

How could AI help job seekers and offerers find each other better and easier than currently?

By winning the AI Goes to Work challenge, Headai among with Kwork Innovations proceeds to pilot project state with KEHA-centre. The Headai AI solution enables labor market analysis and non-formal training.

Listen to the winners’ commments by Harri Ketamo from Headai and Heikki Törrönen from Kwork Innovations.

More comments on Jobmarket blog post (in Finnish).

The challenge was set up by Finnish KEHA-centre, which is a nation-wide office that provides development and administration services for ELY Centres (Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment) and TE Offices (Public employment and business services) in Finland. KEHA-centre guides and serves its customer organizations for example by deploying new digital tools and developing governance and management practices and operational processes.

The Challenge is described at Industryhack webpage:

In AI Goes to Work, teams will co-develop AI-based solutions to provide Työmarkkinatori’s customers with personalised skill-building and job offering opportunities. These opportunities are formed by connecting operators in education and employment services in public, private and third sector alike. The solutions are expected to approach the challenge from the viewpoint of a private person (i.e. any individual using the platform for personal purposes), including those who are not actively searching for a job. The key for building a truly valuable, tailored offering for each user really is to look beyond their ‘obvious’ characteristics like work history and skills, and also take into account their interests, hobbies, underdeveloped skills, etc.

Read more about the challenge on Industryhack webpage.
Visit also Finnish Jobmarket webpage.


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