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Metropolia towards sustainable development in education through SDG Scorecards

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences implements its sustainability strategy with a Headai-powered Agenda2030 tool that compares the education offered by Metropolia with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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The Agenda2030 tool was produced in collaboration with Metropolia, Headai, and Eduix – Headai being the AI service provider and Eduix building the platform. The intelligence of this analysis tool is based on Headai’s Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technology. The tool uses a Headai-made language model that relies on material generally accepted by the UN. The curriculums and SDG-related materials are machine-read to form interoperable models (Digital Selves) that can be simulated to study skill-related similarities and gaps.

This tool gives university experts the possibility to analyze the current situation of education, and develop curriculums and courses towards sustainability, and thus support the implementation of Metropolia strategy. The general idea is, that educational development can now be guided towards UN goals.

“Metropolia wants to be a pioneer in taking sustainable development goals into account in competence development, and we have made sustainable development a cross-cutting theme in our strategy. The Agenda2030 tool helps us to analyze the current situation of our education, to develop curriculums in accordance with the priorities we have chosen, and to profile ourselves as an expert in sustainable development”, describes Riitta Konkola, President and CEO of Metropolia.

Read Riitta Konkola’s blog article about the tool and our cooperation.

See also the Helsingin Uutiset (Helsinki News) news article on the Agenda2030 tool (in Finnish).


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How to predict sustainability in educational development


AI-powered SDG Scorecards


Getting sustainability strategy in line with SDGs and implement it into educational and competence development

AI-powered SDG Scorecards

The solution compares the data on education (Learning Activities) produced by Metropolia with the Sustainable Development Goals. The figure (in the featured picture) shows the simulation between Agenda 2030 Objective four, Quality Education with the descriptions of Metropolia’s educational offering. Each goal is given its own score, which shows the relevance of the correspondences in relation to the other goals. In addition to numerical scores, the tool offers valuable information about the SDG-related themes that are not found in the curriculums.

Metropolia announced the utilization of the Agenda 2030 tool in early 2021.

The cooperation between Headai and Metropolia UAS has been fruitful. Harri Ketamo, the Founder and Chairman of Headai, emphasizes:

 The analysis tool has been made to make Metropolia’s operations and sustainable development visible. Essential information simulated from Big Data supports decision-making related to education development.

Intelligent skill recognition, simulations, and predictive analysis through collaboration

AI-powered tools, like Agenda 2030 tool, can help education, working life, and RDI activities. They offer a cost-effective way for the development of educational organizations’ operations. For Metropolia, it can give answers to the following questions:

What competence does the staff have and how does it correspond to the competence objectives set for the studies?
What skills does working life need and what skills does Metropolia produce?
What skills does the student develop during their studies and what skills does working life need?

For more information:

Read Agenda2030 Metropolia UAS press release (in Finnish).

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