August 26, 2020 Headai

MyData Accelerator proudly presents: The future of Work & Skills – A Human-centric Skills Data Space

Headai is being the enabler in this ecosystem — making skills data interoperable and enabling it to flow.

From November 2019, a group of partners has intensively been working around the themes of employment and lifelong learning in a mission to fast-track the development of MyData based services. The results and findings have now been wrapped into a whitepaper which summarises the learnings and the potential identified from the MyData Accelerator for Work & Skills. It was coordinated by The Finnish State Development Company Vake in collaboration with the Technology Industries of Finland and Sitra.

Watch the live event in Vimeo by Vake:

Headai is grateful for the opportunity to be part of the early initiators and ecosystem creators. The other participants in the accelerator’s first batch were: Barona Rakennus, Kuntarekry, Tampere University, Vastuu Group, and Jobtech.

Visit MyData’s Skillsdata website to find more info on the subject. You can also watch a short intro video:

MyData offers a human-centric approach to answer the global skills demand challenge: it includes an alternative vision as well as guiding technical principles. The MyData paradigm aims at a fair, sustainable, and prosperous digital society, where the sharing of personal data is based on trust as well as on a balanced relationship between an individual and organizations.

The participants of the Accelerator focused on finding new ways to help job seekers manage their careers, obtain a suitable job, or receive recommendations on appropriate education. For employers, it means e.g., solutions for finding the best candidates for open positions while quickly gaining information on their competences.

On Thursday 27.8. Accelerator gathers to summarise and share on the webinar learnings and the potential identified from the MyData Accelerator for Work & Skills.

Headai is being the enabler in this ecosystem — making skills data interoperable and enabling it to flow in the ecosystem. With our Congnitive AI we are able to build skills-based data models on individuals (Headai Digital Self) which enable broad predictive analytics on future skill needs. See our case example below, and our gamified concept for understanding the puzzle of data points, operators, data models and simulations in the MyData ecosystem.

Digital Self on My Skills by Headai

Finnish Defence Forces, Pori Brigade, applied AI to recognize skills learned during the military service. For the first time, cognitive technology enables real-time comparisons and simulations in-between multidisciplinary military service training and educational offerings, or labor market skills demand. The solution helps individuals in transition to civilian employment or education and gives insights for educational institutions to assess how to give credit for military service.

See the press release from Pori Brigade.

Headai digital twin enabled identifying the skills from the leadership courses, turning them into civilian skills, and storing them into a personal digital skills profile which the conscripts can download as part of their service certification (see the Skills Profile in the image).
Headai digital self (data model) technology was used to build additional skills profile for service certification.

From The Future of Work & Skills ecosystem point of view, the Skills Profile is a machine-readable xAPI/JSON file and interoperable to any system, service, and platform.

Everyone owns their personal data and gives consent for employers and educational institutions to use the data when needed. Headai’s tech makes sure that no confidential details are leaked into the mydata, which makes it safe to share it.

Read more about Digital Self on My Skills by HeadAI at MyData Case Library.

Taking Data into Action — a gamified concept

Headai identified that we need tools to conceptualize and map different paths to transform data into actionable solutions. During the accelerator, Headai also developed a toolkit to concretize how data flows in between the infrastructure partners for the benefit of the person e.g., Matilda. A skills data ecosystem is a complex system that combines a collection of data sources, platforms, service providers, and applications used to capture and analyze data. To co-create the ecosystem and make the data flow, we need collaboration and unifying mapping tools.

We all participants saw a great opportunity for global leadership in building an ethical, functioning, and profitable skills data ecosystem for the development of services related to work & skills. It has now started as a Nordic initiative but must expand towards a European strategy.

This is a call for action to create a human-centric skills data space! Please join us in building the future of work & skills.

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