November 1, 2019 Headai

Now you can find Headai also in Espoo

Innovation House will serve as the location for Headai business development in Helsinki metropolitan area.

innovation house in espoo

I warmly welcome everyone to visit us at Innovation House.
–Anu Passi Rauste, Head of business development, Headai

It’s now even easier to connect with Headai people to have a chat, a business meeting or just a cup of coffee in Helsinki area. Headai feels really comfortable with the “business home” concept at Innovation House – a lively meeting place with a nice working atmosphere. So, feel free to contact us to have a meeting at our new office.

There is also a bonus waiting for you – massage chairs. What could be better way to have a meeting than taking a massage at the same time.

Image for postSit here and enjoy the meeting.

Headai HQ can be found at Crazy Town Pori, which is also a community-driven coworking space.