Build growth with our AI operations

We have a variety of AI-powered operations to boost your continuous growth. The price is based on a monthly license model and is affected by the factors presented on this page. We want to learn your exact needs so we discuss the right path for the right solution. By getting the Headai license, you’ll always have up-to-date insights into labor markets and education to start setting your next steps for a sustainable future.

Run simulations between any skills data

Headai offers technology to help to predict future skill needs and futureproofing individuals, companies, and organizations enabling global interoperability for talent development ecosystems. Take a scorecard approach with any skill-related data. We have invested in training the language models for years to enable our customers to get immediate benefits from using our technology.

What affects the price?

To understand your specific needs, it’s good to start the discussions by letting you define your desired goals and possible data sources to be used. With this knowledge, we can work on the offer that meets your needs.

Data amount

Headai collects open data from a variety of sources: global and local databases, business information systems, news, job ads, tenders, educational curriculums, and more. Let’s discuss, which kind of data would be most valuable for you and add value to your own data.


How many users will be using our services?

Computing load

Some of our operations are fast to execute, others have many phases and take a longer time to be accomplished. The range is from milliseconds to hours and even days.

Value-add services

Depending on your needs, you can use our expert’s knowledge and recommendations for solutions. Let’s find the best way to interact, be it a keynote speak, a high-level workshop, or an AI specialist developer training.

Business enquiries

Drop us an email and we’ll get back to you.

Sales & Business Development

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