Adding value to all partners & Customers

Let the skills data flow and build growth. No system integrations, just open interfaces.

Adding value to all partners & Customers

Let the skills data flow and build growth. No system integrations, just open interfaces.

Connecting data flows in skills ecosystem

Headai solves data challenges related to the labor market, education, and training by breaking data silos. This enables companies to get a talented and futureproofed workforce. For individuals, it means data-driven paths for continuous learning to raise their labor market value. Co-create value by automatizing data simulation processes. Join the ecosystem to optimize the value of your skill assets.

The integration of the AI operations to any system is done via REST API for ensuring cost effective and reliable operation. Headai’s AI services are ready to operate – no time consuming R&D or AI training periods needed. Our experts will help you find the most suitable solution from our comprehensive API library.

Predictive Skills Analytics

Future Scorecards


Align your labour market actions to suit sustainable goals.


Take a scorecard approach to guide strategic development and continuous learning.


Keep your skill assets sustainable in the future.

Skills Forecasts

Headai developes an awarded technology to study the labor market dynamics.


Predictive labor market dynamics analysis. Study skills mismatch and spot skill gaps.


Optimize your educational offering. Run near-real-time simulations: compare curriculum/training programs with acute labor market skill demand.


Use the insights of areal skills supply in planning investments and operations. Redesign talent pipeline – drive growth and efficiency. Optimize the use of your skill assets.

Discover the implementations through our customer cases.

Digital Self – A Machine Learning model behind the simulations

Build a Digital Self to bring your skills portfolio into a globally interoperable form. Works for any entity: individual, team, company, organization, or nation. Any skill-related text data can be modeled into a digital twin to make it comparable with other skills ecosystem actors.

Looking for a world-class keynote on Cognitive AI?

Headai gets a lot of requests to present our insights on different forums. If you want a top-level keynote on learning analytics, natural language processing, or other topic related to Headai core technology, feel free to contact us. The typical price is around 5,000 euros.

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