June 18, 2020 Headai

The Ethics of AI in talent acquisition

Streamed panel discussion at TAtech Europe is now online featuring Founder and the Chairman of Headai, Harri Ketamo and Founder & Chief Data Scientist Syndio, Zev Eigen

Listen to the interesting discussion on the ethics of AI:

The information concerning the discussion

Presented by TAtech.org, the association for talent acquisition technology: #TAtechDigital Recruitment teams are increasingly reliant on AI, machine learning and automation for sourcing, CRM and assessment, yet the use of these technologies has raised a number of ethical questions, from the potential for bias in data sets and algorithms to the potential elimination of human agency in the workplace. A point-counterpoint discussion among three tech company executives will explore the scope of the problem and what can or should be done about it.

Zev Eigen, Founder & Chief Data Scientist Syndio
Harri Ketamo, Founder & Chairman Headai
Panel Leader: Athena Karp, CEO HiredScore”

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