June 17, 2020 Headai

A Finnish Army Unit Pori Brigade piloted Headai tech to recognize skills learned during the military service

Pori brigade together with Headai and local educational institutions did a joint pilot project to utilize the gained military skills for education and future career paths.

We are an important education provider in our society. It’s valuable that the skills acquired in the military service will be credited better in studies. We found significant similarities for example in leadership training and business studies.
– The head of training of Pori brigade, Lieutenant colonel Janne Varjonen.

The pilot focused on leadership training data and identifying those skills with AI in order to simulate them with higher education curriculums. The aim is to help conscripts to utilize their military service skills and competencies better in their education, careers, and jobs. The conscripts mustered out in June with a digital skills profile that consists of military leadership skills turned into civilian language with the help of AI. The digital skills profile (Digital Self) also supports xAPI (experience API) which is a versatile way to further use the skill data.

For the first time, cognitive technology enables nearly real-time comparisons and simulations in-between multidisciplinary military service training and educational offerings, or labor market skills demand.

Headai solves global skills mismatch. This pilot project identifies military service skills extensively and in detail. The purpose is to give insights for educational institutions to assess better how to give credit for military service. It’s also important to help individuals to recognise and verbalize their skills for job-seeking purposes. Unifying the educational paths has a significant impact on our national economy.
–Founder of Headai and the chairman of the board, Harri Ketamo.

Pori Brigade was first to publish the news last Friday. Read their full press release.

Here you’ll find Headai’s press release.

Finnish media also noticed the news concerning the pilot. Here are some of the articles (in Finnish) listed below:

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